Sexpo visited

Been to Sexpo and lived to tell the story!

If you’ve read my earlier post on Sexpo, you’ll know I was quite nervous about going. Not because I don’t practice what I preach… I mean, I do talk about sex openly with friends and family, but because I thought I’d be faced with pushy and tacky salesmen showing off the mechanical features of their latest sex toys surrounded by half-naked females.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised, even though there were entertainers prancing around half-naked among the shoppers.

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Sexpo for the shy

In the interests of practicing what I preach about bringing down taboos on sex, I’ve committed to going to Sexpo (  in Brisbane this month.

I’m a Sexpo virgin so this is a big deal for me. I’ve never even walked into a physical sex shop before, or been to a strip show, although I have shopped online…

In the real-world (as opposed to cyberspace) I can come across as timid. Some may even interpret my shyness as prudish, even though that’s not the intention. The introverts among you can probably relate…

It may therefore be quite challenging to be comfortable in my own skin at this event. Wish me luck! It’s all for a good cause.