About this blog

I chose to start this blog after years of observing a lot of misinformation in the media and in the hearts and minds those who consume it without discretion. When a subject is considered taboo, credible sources are hard to find amongst the confusion of popular ones. I would like to help change that in regards to sex and relationships, by at least communicating openly on the subject and providing links to information I consider useful.

This site reflects my opinions and experiences as a female who is interested in anthropology, psychology, spirituality, men, and having sex (among other things).

I am female, monogamous, and heterosexual, but that does not stop me from including other points of view, provided they inform and promote ethical behaviour. In determining what is ethical in this context I consider whether an activity:

  • is intended to benefit all who participate,
  • is with their full knowledge and consent; and
  • does no harm to those who may be affected, but who do not directly participate, e.g. children.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome and will no doubt inspire further posts and links.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute content.

More to come!


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