The Womanizer

When shopping for a sex toy, I’m not a fan of the vibrating electronic buzz. I would much rather have a stroke or a suck on the clit, or a vaginal / G-Spot prod, rather than a buzz anywhere, if that makes sense. I really can’t see how those dildos which just vibrate are supposed to work on their own. If I don’t move it vigorously, nothing happens, which means I might as well use the hard glass non-vibrating type… no batteries to find.

Anyway, the Womanizer promises to be different. It stimulates the area around the clit using vibration and suction.

“The pleasure cap is placed over the clitoris, making a delicate seal around it. This creates a slight suction to tease and stimulate the clitoris via microprocessor-controlled pressure waves. You will know it is in the right spot when the sound of the vibrator changes to a very quiet sound”.

You know that feeling when your clit becomes untouchable because you’ve had an orgasm and you just can’t bear any more sensation there? Well apparently Womaniser bypasses that feeling, allowing for multiple clitoral orgasms. I had a demonstration on my thumb at Sexpo, if that’s anything to go by, and it felt promising. The only thing that stopped me from getting one on the spot was the price tag – even with the promotional Sexpo discount. It is a bit on the high end, but if it does all that it’s cracked up to do, it may just be worth it! It’s on my wish list for now.


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