Sexpo visited

Been to Sexpo and lived to tell the story!

If you’ve read my earlier post on Sexpo, you’ll know I was quite nervous about going. Not because I don’t practice what I preach… I mean, I do talk about sex openly with friends and family, but because I thought I’d be faced with pushy and tacky salesmen showing off the mechanical features of their latest sex toys surrounded by half-naked females.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised, even though there were entertainers prancing around half-naked among the shoppers.

Sure, there was a Friday night / circus fair vibe to the place (even though I went on a Saturday morning) with Picasso the penile artist, the shadow theatre, and other acts to captivate and enthral, but I soon got comfortable enough to really look rather than take furtive glances. It was dark in there… or was that my sunglasses?

Shopping was a fascinating experience, for the most part, and there were a few freebies and plenty of competitions and prizes. In addition to all sorts of products selling sex, there were also stands promoting travel and holiday packages geared for the fun-seeking single, back massages, electronic cigarettes, dating agencies, and kinky shoes and boots.

I was especially impressed by the number of confident, uninhibited, and articulate females who were demonstrating sex toys, and lotions and potions for the girls, at not one or two, but almost all of the stands which sold them.

I also attended 2 seminars: one about navigating the online dating world, and another about keeping BDSM safe. No, that is not a contradiction in terms. The difference between Bondage, Dominance, Submission and Masochism (BDSM), and sexual abuse, is the first is consensual and the second is not. It’s all about consent, which is given and can be withdrawn at any time. I may write a separate post about that…

Below are some of the goodies I bought:

  1. A chocolate-covered banana with two marshmallows at the base:


    Yes, that’s me eating it and here’s how it was served up:

    chocolate-covered banana

  2. The battery powered glove with vibrating pads at each finger tip… perfect for my sore feet when I got home (lol). I’m told it is water-proof so I may put it to other uses soon ;-).

    vibrating glovevibrating glove

  3. Arousal oil for her:

    Arousal oil for her

    It does cause a lovely tingling sensation on the clit, but takes a minute or two to kick in. The sensation adds a kind of look-no-hands magic to the experience, but it is an enhancer rather than a creator of a wonderful sexual experience.

  4. Dice to get things started… this one’s self-explanatory:

    dicey dice

  5. Thigh-high stockings and other lingerie. There was plenty to choose from at very affordable prices, including full-body lace suites.

    thigh-high stockings

    The one purchase I didn’t make, but wish I had, was the vibrator with a difference: it sucks instead of just vibrating and it’s called the Womanizer.


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