Winding down the garden path

“Finish what you start”

I think this line was used on me in my teens to induce a sense of guilt if I happened to get a guy aroused and didn’t somehow follow through.  I lost my virginity later than most, and since breaking it was way too much responsibility for most men to deal with, I often found myself obligingly giving head, but not necessarily enjoying it.

I have since vowed to never do anything sexual unless I enjoy it, even if only in the form of getting turned on by the fact that he is turned on… if I am not ‘into doing it’ I stop.  My partner at least knows that I am not faking it when I do enjoy it… having experienced the stop a few times.

I like that my current partner is quite happy to be turned on and fondled by me and does not necessarily expect it to lead to an orgasmic conclusion.


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