Waiting to come

How do you feel when your man is ready and waiting for you in the car while you are still indoors getting ready? He doesn’t have to be hooting the horn for me to feel rushed.  I am likely to forget something, no matter how patient he is in his waiting.

It’s the same with sex. If I know he is dying to orgasm rather than enjoy the journey with me, with or without an orgasm, then I prefer him to come first.  I am usually thrilled to vicariously experience his sensations, knowing I’m partly responsible. Happy to have mine later, with or without him.

I would be less generous if he always got his pleasure, without any regard for mine, but then I probably would not be in that relationship for long.


One thought on “Waiting to come

  1. I get the same satisfaction when my guy comes, but i find it a turn on to know he is turned on by me, to know u feel so good to him to get to that stage he can no longer hold back!
    Besides I personally do not need to come to enjoy sex…. as long as he’s not coming in 2sec of entry that is lol

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