Man versus bottle?

I discovered ecstasy, G-Spot ecstasy that is, one lazy Sunday afternoon when I went exploring inside my vagina. After some time without sex I tend to get adventurous to see what pleasures I can find on my own.

I felt horny and had been playing with my clitoris for some time when I decided to try something new. I had read about the G-Spot but had never experienced the earth-shattering orgasms described. I didn’t have a suitable object lying around and my arm would have had to be triple-jointed to reach where I was told the G-Spot is located, so I got creative… I found a small glass drink bottle, about the size of an old-fashioned Coca-cola bottle (aprox 250 ml) and found that if I inserted just the first 10cm and pointed it up towards my tummy, it would “hit the spot”. It took a different kind of stimulation: where as the clit enjoys being stroked, this magic spot liked to be prodded, not rubbed…. I’ll be thinking of that line next time I order a drink (lol).

Some months later I asked a partner to use the bottle on me. Having done it myself I knew exactly what I was looking for. He didn’t feel threatened by a mere 10 cm of glass, but instead enjoyed pleasuring me the way no penis ever could. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the intimacy of a penis inside me, but as far as pure G-Spot sensation goes, nothing beats the prodding of cold hard glass hitting the exact same spot every time. This works best when the clit is already excited as the G-Spot is located behind the clitoris muscle. It’s difficult to remain well coordinated with my arm motions whilst experiencing such intense sensations, so I prefer my man to do me if he enjoys it. The way I see it, the bottle can be a part of a multiple-orgasm marathon with my man, or something I do on my own, perhaps as an appetizer.

Note: I chose a glass bottle because I could sterilize it in boiling water and know it was safe since glass is not as porous as plastic so no condom or chemicals required. I have since upgraded to a glass dildo which I bought online. I also liked the bottle because I could have it sitting on my bookshelf without raising any eyebrows.


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